Creators of Learning Environments

K-12 Education

Science, STEM & Robotics

We offer customized TEKs based learning software from LJ Create, Edusmart and sciTex for Elementary, Middle School and High School science programs. For STEM education we feature Minds-i Robotics and 3D virtual reality learning systems.

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Technical & Vocational Training

Manufacturing, Welding, Oil & Gas, Automotive, HVAC

We offer an diverse selection of technical training equipment from industry leading manufacturers including a line of advanced manufacturing trainers from Amatrol, CNC and Robotics trainers from Fanuc, welding simulation units from Lincoln Electric, skills trainers for the Oil & Gas industry as well as training equipment for Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Simulation and HVAC systems.

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Colleges & Universities

3D Printers, Engineering Training, Synthetic Cadavers

Today's technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Give your students access to the cutting-edge technology they will encounter throughout their career. We offer an assortment of technology for colleges and universities ranging from 3D Printers from industry leader Stratasys, 3D Scanners and Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines to Synthetic Cadavers from SynDaver.

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Case Studies

“3D printing accelerates the lesson, focusing students on the design and engineering, rather than personal craftsmanship. And students can use more complex geometry and curves, because they are not limited to what they can do with subtractive methods and hand tools.” Alex Wong / Dunwoody College of Technology
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Students in the University of West Florida College of Health now have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the human body through the use of synthetic cadavers. The cadavers are part of the newly developed Applied Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, housed within the Department of Exercise Science and Community Health.
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To give students the real-world experience needed to meet new career-ready requirements, Bryan High School developed a partnership with First Book - a non-profit book bank that provides books to children in need. One of the objectives of this partnership is to provide TDL students with industry recognized OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and forklift operator certifications.
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