GE Additive to invest $10 million in two educational programs

November 16, 2016
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GE Additive have today announced a $10 million investment across five years in two educational programs aimed at developing future talent in additive manufacturing.

The additive specialists believe enabling educational institutions to provide access to 3D printers will help accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing worldwide.

Of the two programmed, one is designed for primary and secondary schools, while the other is designed for colleges and universities. GE will invest $2 million over two years to subsidise up to 2,000 desktop polymer printers for primary and secondary schools, districts and systems around the world. Priority will be given to institutions serving ages 8-16 with a strong commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

The other $8 million will be spent over five years to subsidies up to 50 metal additive machines to colleges and universities around the world. Priority will be given to institutions with curriculum and/or research underway in the area of additive manufacturing.

“We want to build an ecosystem that drives additive manufacturing across multiple industries,” said Mohammad Ehteshami, Vice President of GE Additive. “GE is committed to this space for the long-term. A new world is coming and we want future generations to have exposure to it from an early age.”

GE has been actively supporting education for more than a century. Its efforts tend to focus on areas that have the greatest impact and can improve outcomes for students. In the US alone, GE has invested more than $225 million and thousands of hours to support public education.

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