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Do you have your engineering lab plans for next year ready?

With rapid advances in technology, it is a challenge to keep up-to-date with the engineering equipment available to ensure your students have all the tools necessary to learn the skills needed in today's careers. We offer a wide range of equipment for teaching engineering.

Stratasys 3D Printers

In the race to attract, retain and prepare students, the schools with the best programs and most interesting technologies have the edge. Hands-on learning with 3D printing opens doors to entrepreneurship and industry collaborations that benefit budding scientists and engineers.

Renishaw Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also called metal 3D printing, is a process used to create three-dimensional parts from a digital file. It usually involves building up, or solidifying, thin layers of material to create complete parts. The technology is able to produce complex shapes which cannot be produced by 'traditional' techniques such as casting, forging and machining.

TQ Engineering Apparatus

TecQuipment offers a comprehensive range of products for engineering education that cover disciplines within mechanical, civil, electrical and structural engineering courses to help students understand the principles involved with each experiment, enabling them to put theory into practice.


For 40 years Lucas-Nuelle has developmented high-quality, state-of-the-art training systems and education equipment for further and advanced technical, engineering and vocational education. In addition, they have developed course offerings covering a wide range of basic theoretical material, project-oriented and didactic training receives special focus.

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