LJ Create

LJ Create produces blended-learning resources in the form of hardware, software and e-learning curriculum for schools, colleges, universities and vocational training organizations worldwide. LJ Create creates practical and innovative teaching solutions that provide the tools to inspire students. LJ Create has been dedicated to being the world's leading educational systems provider since 1979.

LJ Create offers products from topic specific learning solutions to complete classroom management systems for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curricula. LJ Create also produces training for automotive technicians at vocational level.

LJ Creates’ Comprehensive Cloud-Based Blended Learning Teaching Resources for:

K-12 Science: A cloud-based blended learning resource linked to inquiry-based practical activities to make an instant impact for your students.

Engineering: A comprehensive series of learning resources for all engineering fields which include hands-on classroom hardware and cloud-based curriculum materials.

Automotive: LJ Create's Cloud-based Automotive educational resources provide professional training for the next generation of automotive technicians.

STEM Education: LJ Create makes STEM truly engaging with a wide range of real-world problem solving tasks in our cloud-based learning environment.

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5th grade student declares new active learning STEM program “pretty helpful and awesome”

It’s always a good thing when students are excited about learning, and in a recent trip to Escandon Elementary, a school that has been working diligently with the LJ Create program to increase their standardized test scores in science, we could hardly stop one of the students from excitedly telling us about everything she had learned using Living with STEM.

LJ Create Automotive

Our learning content is aligned to NATEF standards - at MLR, AST, and MAST levels!

This program has been designed to allow you to build a NATEF certified automotive program that will enable your students to become new hi-tech auto technicians. A unique blend of online digital learning resources and practical equipment combines to create an automotive teaching program that will deliver the knowledge and practical skills students need to achieve success.

LJ Create e-Learning for Engineers

Ensure your students have the right skills for the job – our engineering program is designed to bridge the skills gap

Our engineering program comprises three main strands of Control and Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. Our comprehensive program addresses a broad range of related engineering areas, including: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Materials Technology and Manufacturing Techniques.

Living with STEM: Elementary

A cloud-based blended learning resource for teaching STEM to elementary school students.

Our hands-on digital program teaches standards-based math, science, engineering, and English language skills to elementary school children. Continuous interaction with exciting equipment and software creates a learning environment that is engaging for everyone. Students and teachers will want to spend time in our STEM labs. Our comprehensive library contains over 1,000 STEM lessons, which are available anytime, anywhere online. It makes getting started with Living with STEM as easy as 1-2-3.

LJ Create STEM Educational Software

Make STEM Education truly engaging with a range of real-world problem-solving tasks in our cloud-based learning program.

LJ Create's STEM software features a wide range of presentations, investigations and assessments to help develop skills and knowledge. Make STEM truly engaging with a range of real-world problem-solving tasks in our cloud-based learning program.