Green Energy

Prepare your students for careers in the rapidly growing fields of renewable energy engineering, sustainability and energy efficiency with renewable energy engineering solutions suited to your education program.

With the demand for renewable energy on the rise and a lack of qualified technicians to maintain the new wind turbines, solar production and green technology, Tech-Labs is proud to introduce a new line of Green Energy products. We offer training products help students at schools, universities and research institutions to understand key concepts regarding renewable energy, energy management and energy storage. You will bring students closer to these complex technologies, while achieving the desired learning outcomes in a fun and interesting way.

We offer a variety of solutions that teach basic and advanced principles of harnessing renewable resources like wind, sunlight, biofuels, geothermal heat and water to create a more sustainable world.

New Energy Lab

A complete laboratory for renewable energy for colleges, universities and research institutes

The New Energy Lab is a complete energy system that conveys practical knowledge in the field of energy management. The system combines renewable energy generation from solar, wind and fuel cell power with modern energy storage technology to create an autonomous hybrid system.

Hydrive - Electric Vehicle Trainer

Experiment Set for Renewable Energy Generation, Storage and Supply

The HyDrive – Electric Vehicle Trainer is an entry-level learning system, designed for secondary and vocational schools as well as university students and educators. The modular training system allows users to understand the fundamental principles of hydrogen technology in hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Electronic Loads

For application with fuel cell and training systems

The loads are optimally designed for DC-applications like Fuel Cells, Batteries or Photovoltaic modules. The included interface allows the communication to the PC and the Loads are suitable both in 19” Systems as well as laboratory or table devices.

Nexa® Integration System

Heliocentris offers various accessories to adapt the system to different applications.

The Nexa® Integration System is ideal for demanding application projects. With its 1.2 kW fuel cell module, matching DC/DC converter and software for overall system control, training and research projects can be easily implemented. Heliocentris offers several accessories to adapt the system to different applications.

Fuel Cell Trainer

50 W Fuel Cell Training System for Technical Engineering Principles

The Fuel Cell Trainer is ideal for teaching the basic engineering principles of PEM fuel cell systems. Extensive experimenting capabilities and comprehensive and revised instruction material with predefined experiments make it a complete instruction package.

Clean Energy Trainer

The leading Clean Energy Trainer kit include a comprehensive textbook, experiment manuals, teacher notes and classroom guides.

The Clean Energy Trainer examines renewable energy generation through solar and wind and introduces students to the methodology of efficient energy conversion, storage and supply by means of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Students gain a sound understanding of the complete energy conversion chain, the practical application and principles behind the technologies.

Solar Hydrogen Trainer

Solar Hydrogen Trainer produces hydrogen from clean solar power, optimized for academic use.

The Solar Hydrogen Trainer is a 400 Wp off-grid photovoltaic system combined with an electrolyzer. It produces hydrogen from clean solar power and can be combined with the Fuel Cell Trainer or Nexa® Training System to a microlab.