STEM Education

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines in an interdisciplinary and applied approach rather than teach the four disciplines separate.

Tech-Labs is proud to offer S.T.E.M. and Pre-Engineering programs from industry leaders Amatrol, Minds-i, and LJ Create. These programs are designed to equip students with the fundamental skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math required for a successful transition into the workforce or an advanced degree program of their choice.


Cyber Anatomy 3D offers the highest level of personal immersion, learning, and interactivity. Built upon the innovative virtual reality system, this turnkey solution provides a extraordinary experience. Perfect for education.

Users interactively control all simulations and activities with an intuitive stylus. The full system and selected content is turnkey and allows for fast setup and use. Cyber Anatomy 3D includes a full set of anatomy instruction materials developed in 3D.

Minds-i Drones Lab

MINDS-i’s Curriculum combines STEM with essential life skills relevant to today’s needs.

This student LAB is designed to accompany the MINDS-i Drones Curriculum as an introduction into the world of Drones and Robotics. It is designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math. In this course students will become familiar with the basics of Drone robotics and programming through teamwork.

uPrint SE Plus

If you've been wanting to give your students a professional 3D printing experience that your school can afford, look into Stratasys uPrint.

uPrint SE Plus builds on the features of the popular uPrint SE with a 33% taller build envelope, two material bays, nine color choices and two layer thicknesses for faster 3D printing or finer detail. It's great for small teams that want to unleash creativity and productivity.

Living with STEM: Elementary

A cloud-based blended learning resource for teaching STEM to elementary school students.

Our hands-on digital program teaches standards-based math, science, engineering, and English language skills to elementary school children. Continuous interaction with exciting equipment and software creates a learning environment that is engaging for everyone. Students and teachers will want to spend time in our STEM labs. Our comprehensive library contains over 1,000 STEM lessons, which are available anytime, anywhere online. It makes getting started with Living with STEM as easy as 1-2-3.

Amatrol's STEM Program

Amatrol’s STEM Modules Are Interactive, Engaging, and Challenging

Amatrol’s High School Learning Systems create the need for students to want to learn math and science – they can’t interact with the exciting technology without it. Learning is interactive and challenging, keeping them engaged and wanting to do more. The math and science so desperately needed for 80% of jobs today is a natural outcome.

LJ Create STEM Educational Software

Make STEM Education truly engaging with a range of real-world problem-solving tasks in our cloud-based learning program.

LJ Create's STEM software features a wide range of presentations, investigations and assessments to help develop skills and knowledge. Make STEM truly engaging with a range of real-world problem-solving tasks in our cloud-based learning program.